This shows a person in the middle right of the frame, crouching and thinking, pensively. This can be any person in quarantine who feels as though they are missing out. the blue bubbles are thought bubbles of what the person is thinking about or visualizing. Each image used around the person is a place they want to be or feel they are missing out on due to COVID.

Everyone’s life is on hold and we can’t help thinking about how things could have gone and how are summers would be if the pandemic had not happened. In this piece, I used pictures of places I want to be. The top left is a marathon runner and to me that symbolizes being out of the comfort of your home and sweating and challenging yourself physically. The bottom left is camping and that symbolizes getting away from reality. Camping is great for disconnecting from the world and its daily struggles and I think many people could feel that need for getting away and recentering. The image in the bottom right is a family picnic/ lunch and this is the closest one to my heart, hence the physical closeness to the person. Many people had trips planned and places to go, but more than anything those trips were to see family. None of my family live in BC so it will be hard to see them during COVID. I think many will relate that they miss family and wish they could see them and are also thinking of their wellbeing. The top three pictures from right to left are all of the places we wish we could be. The pool, a hot tub, the beach. These symbolize the freedom of summer that we all look forward too and while sitting cooped in our homes we imagine and reminisce on our previous summers of the beach with friends and being able to go anywhere and explore. All of these images make you remember why you’ve got to live each day with gratitude and cherish what you have. No one could have expected COVID but now we may not take these things for granted anymore.

Julie Johnson-Lepine