During quarantine in Port Coquitlam my little brother hasn’t been able to go to preschool, visit kids his age, go to the library or go to his music class. Activities such as these that he used to enjoy and look forward to are no longer available to him. Since he is so young my family and I try to get him to understand why he is unable to visit people and do things that he used to be able to do but he never seems to understand. Talking about regular events in life before quarantine make him upset and he often talks about things we used to do together. “pool”, “class”, “Yana’s” (our grandparents), “park”, “Aria” (our cousin), “lib-wa-wy” (library), are words he constantly says yet are things he can no longer do. In the future this quarantine will have a very big effect on his generation because they won’t have had contact with as many healthy germs, social interactions, different activities, etc. This photo represents the “weight” and effect of Covid-19 and keeping children his age at home without other kids to interact and socialize with. The sign represents Covid-19, him struggling carrying the sign represents him struggling to cope with quarantine life-styles, him by himself is representational of the kids he is able to hangout with during this time, and the motion of him walking away is showing that he has had enough with quarantine determining the future for his generation. Hopefully there are positive impacts quarantine will have on his generation as well, but we will not know until the future.

Kiara Todhunter