We wait and we wait, hoping that finally, one day we will wake up and realize this pandemic was just a bad dream and there is nothing to worry about. We open our eyes turn on the TV and realize this was not a nightmare and we are still wearing masks and social distancing. We think about our parents and grandparents wondering what might happen to them. Hoping that they do not have any major illnesses because if they do that might affect them being able to fight the virus if they manage to get it somehow. We hide in our houses hoping that if we stay there then this storm might just pass us, and we will be fine. Well, we will not. At least not all of us. Many people have had to say goodbye to their family members through walkie-talkies because they are dying of COVID. Even though we are still waiting for the storm to pass us by, just know there is still hope for us and their will always be a light in the darkness that we must reach. Now that the virus is starting to slowly and hopefully disappear, more and more people are going for walks on the beach, during the pandemic.

Leah Thomas