Meteor Falls” ( 2020) #ArtInTheTimeofCorona

We started self-isolating early because I’m immunocompromised. My teen made arrangements with their college about three weeks ago, and as of a week or so ago my husband’s company  organized for people to work from home.  I know that everything changes in an instant, and the best we can hope for is to be somewhat prepared and trust the community around us. I am thankful we live in PoCo, a community that supported us when we went through a difficult health battle in the past. I KNOW what we are made of, the kind supportive neighbors we’re surrounded by.  I worry about our teens and kids but I know that they are resilient and whatever comes our way … we will adapt.
A fellow artist friend started the tag #ArtInTheTimeofCorona where many of us have been sharing artistic creations everyday to fill the lives of those around us with some beauty and light.
Apis Teicher, Port Coquitlam