This is now where I will write down my personal experience with the Covid-19 Pandemic, Back in January and February life was still normal, 2020 looked like it was going to be a normal year and I was ready for a new year, I remember all the jokes and memes made about the Covid-19 and the infamous toilet paper shortage at the time, On the news at the time they were just talking about which foreign countries have had a spike in Covid-19 cases and the small amounts of cases reported in Canada and the States, I even got to go an a vacation to Hawaii in February before Covid-19 became a pandemic. Soon in march after Spring Break that’s when the cases started to rise due to everyone wanting to go out camping and on vacations and stuff like that, and soon the country was on lockdown and everyone had to stay at home and Social distance ( Physically distance yourself from other people)  during the early days of this life felt normal other than no school as I just played Video Games all day on my laptop; This soon all changed as Online School rolled around and was soon being implemented, Online School is all of the worst parts of school put together in one, all the work you do is homework since you are at home, you do not get to see your friends and talk to them since the class meetings are restrictive in communication between individuals since when you want to say something to someone the whole class can hear it and for someone who does not use any social media other than YouTube and my school E -Mail it is quite hard to get to communicate with friends, also sometimes the workload is sometimes hard to keep up with because I procrastinate allot and I put off work. If this is the future of schooling, I can tell humanity is headed off on a dark path, as I think the most important thing about school is the friends you make their and the social communication you have between people and if we remove this social connection between the people at school it juts becomes a more boring and bland than ever, I think I said enough about online school. Even though staying home is the number 1 thing to do, I still go out walking for exercise, so I am not always inside.

William Fenyo