Virus,  by Makayla Werner

My picture was something I think not many people think of, at least at my age. We don’t think how much bacteria is on our hand. This photo represents how when we wash our hands, we can save yourself and others from getting the disease, and not many people realize how much that simple step can effect us. The mark on my hand represents all of the bacteria that we can’t see, and I want people to see it and just think about how much bacteria could be on their hands. How many things have you touch since you last wash your hand? It may have been a while since you washed, so think in just the last 5 minutes. My touching was: door, railing, brother, fridge door, milk, cupboard door, glass, milk cap, counter, fridge cap again, fridge door, chair, table, math book, pencil, stuffy, glass, wall, cable, door, table, sink, dish washer, couch, blanket, TV remote, volume changer, power button, PS4 controller, CD, and CD case. I touched so many things in just 5 minutes. So, if we remember to wash our hands a lot and wash them thoroughly, you can help stop the spread.