Pet Election 2021

We are pleased to announce our 2021 Pet Election winner is Raiin with a total of 800 votes!

We know that Raiin will serve our city well and we look forward to seeing her out representing PoCo at future events.

We are also happy to announce that Voodoo is the winner of the 2021 PoCo Spirit Award!

Her creative campaign showcased outstanding PoCo spirit and love for her city.

Scroll down to learn more about our winners.

Key Dates

June 22nd – Winner announced

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Runners Up

Total Votes: 2550

2021 Pet Ambassador


Breed: Boxer

Age: 5

Favourite Food: Stella and Chewy Raw

Favourite Toy: Anything she can destroy!

What makes Raiin special?: Raiin is a fighter!! Raiin and her Mom have been through a lot in the past 3 years. Raiin’s Mom lost her husband of 16 years at age 44 to cancer and Raiin lost her human Dad! At the same time Raiin was sick with pancreatitis and irritable bowel disease. Raiin and her mom fought really hard to make Raiin better as her Mom wouldn’t have handled losing them both. Thankfully with the help of friends and her vet, Raiin is now a healthy 5 year old boxer!! She is Mom’s pride and joy and Raiin is living her best life! Raiin is spoiled with a dog walker, Melissa, and she goes to doggy day care! Also, Raiin has a new human step dad as Raiin’s Mom Canice got remarried to a wonderful man named David, a wonderful teacher in Port Coquitlam!!

How will Raiin represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: With a quiet nature, diversity and a fighting spirit.

2021 Spirit Award Winner


Breed: Tabby/Domestic Medium Hair

Age: 2

Favourite Food: Freeze dried chicken

Favourite Toy: Wand toys

What makes Voodoo special?: Although Voodoo was the runt of her litter that hasn’t stopped her from accomplishing bigger things! Within the past 10 months, Voodoo and her owner has helped raise nearly $600 towards local animal shelters. Together, they hope to help the people (and animals) of the community. Voodoo may be rowdy at times, but at the end of the day, she’s as sweet as cats come.

How will Voodoo represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Help charities that benefit town, people, and pets.

2021 Pet Ambassador Candidates

Nikita Chiquita Banana

Breed: Aussie Shepherd Poodle Cross

Age: .5

Favourite Food: Popcorn

Favourite Toy: Stuffed Lemur

What makes Nikita special?: She loves to meet people and pets! She loves hugs and will give you kisses. She also enjoys sleeping on her Mom’s head at night.

How will Nikita represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: We look forward to exploring our new home city.


Breed: Chow chow mix

Age: 5

Favourite Food: Kangaroo

Favourite Toy: Roller skate plushie

What makes Dozer special?: Blind rescue from Thailand.

How will Dozer represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Sweet immigrant that only barks at bears.


Breed: Scottish Fold

Age: 4

Favourite Food: Beef treats

Favourite Toy: Finding Nemo

What makes Atticus special?: He is the best stress relief, adorable, and makes people happy.

How will Atticus represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Atticus stands for equality, happiness, and peace.


Breed: Holland lop bunny

Age: 5 months

Favourite Food: Cilantro

Favourite Toy: Her barking/walking toy puppy

What makes Ocean special?: Her personality. She is energetic and really playful. She is smart and loves cuddles as well. She hops up stairs and follows us around like a puppy. She knows words like Lets play, lets go, jump up, cuddles, and of course treats.

How will Ocean represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Her friendliness. She loves people.


Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd

Age: 1

Favourite Food: ALL THE FOODS!

Favourite Toy: His Christmas Bear 🙂

What makes Sawyer special?: He is extremely active – he can play fetch for hours or walk all of the Poco Trail.

How will Sawyer represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: He loves walking and running around Port Coquitlam.


Breed: Morkie (Maltese and Yorkie)

Age: 2

Favourite Food: Chicken, cheese, rutabaga, green beans, red peppers, zucchini

Favourite Toy: Stuffed lion

What makes Jojo special?: Loves people

How will Jojo represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: She is social like people are.


Breed: Taby

Age: 15

Favourite Food: Temptations Treats

Favourite Toy: Catnip mouse

What makes Charlotte special?: Charlotte was a tailless rescue kitten from Fort McMurray 15 years ago. She is extremely vocal with her needs. She is noted in our neighbourhood by wearing a colourful “jester-type” colar to warn hummingbirds of her presence. 100% effective. She is a Diva like no other and has ruled our Poco culdesac with authority.

How will Charlotte represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: She has Poco pride.


Breed: Bernedoodle

Age: 2

Favourite Food: Bacon

Favourite Toy: Hedgehog

What makes Freddy special?: Freddy is a social butterfly. He loves making new animal friends. Big or small, Freddy is kind and respectful to all. Freddy loves exploring all the parks and trails that Port Coquitlam has to offer and wants to encourage others to do so as well. He is also a strong advocate for more off-leash options for the dogs of Port Coquitlam.

How will Freddy represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: He is friendly, kind, and loves the spotlight.


Breed: Yorkie

Age: 2

Favourite Food: Anything and everything

Favourite Toy: Ball

What makes Kenzo special?: His personality and style. He is also an Instagram influencer with more than 3500 followers. He can put a smile on anyone’s face.

How will Kenzo represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Loves his city parks and trails, especially Gates.


Breed: Yellow Lab

Age: 7

Favourite Food: Banana

Favourite Toy: Nemo

What makes Boo special?: Soo Affectionate

How will Boo represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Kind hearted ❤️


Breed: Leonberger

Age: 2

Favourite Food: Carrots

Favourite Toy: Stuffies

What makes Plum special?: She is a gentle giant and EVERYONE stops to talk to her.

How will Plum represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: She loves all people and pets.


Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: 5

Favourite Food: Peanut Butter

Favourite Toy: Squirrel Toy

How will Dublin represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: He will be PoCo’s friendliest ambassador yet.


Breed: Pooski-go – a incredible fusion of mini poodle, Siberian huskey and golden retriever

Age: 6

Favourite Food: All foods. A certified foodie extraordinaire!

Favourite Toy: Dino, a green plush stuffed dinosaur.

What makes Lola special?: This abandoned rescue pup is an incredible loving pupper who naturally gravitates to seniors and loved visiting the senior homes prior to Covid. She incredibly gentle and patient with the little ones and is often the first dog that a toddler has interacted with.

How will Lola represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: She is a great meet and greet ambassador.


Breed: Pomeranian

Age: 8

Favourite Food: Weruva – Dogs In The Kitchen

Favourite Toy: So many toys, so little time!

What makes Dante special?: Despite having 2 surgeries as a puppy, Dante has always exuded positivity and happiness. His energy and smile are contagious, and you can’t help but laugh at his antics.

How will Dante represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Dante will welcome everyone to the parks of PoCo!


Breed: Chihuahua Maltese Poodle

Age: 14

Favourite Food: Weruva – Dogs In The Kitchen

Favourite Toy: Anything tug of war worthy!

What makes Loki special?: Loki is 14, going on 15 but has the heart of a puppy. He loves to play and cuddle and explore local parks. After all, why should the young guys have all the fun??

How will Loki represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: He will share the secret of his youthful attitude!


Breed: Saint Bernard

Age: 1

Favourite Food: Chicken

Favourite Toy: Rope

What makes Barney special?: Barney is a big teddy bear, he loves swimming and walking around PoCo, meeting new people (he may lean into you, so brace yourself), and pretends he is a lap dog.

How will Barney represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Barney loves making new friends!


Breed: Great Dane

Age: 3

Favourite Food: She hates most food

Favourite Toy: Her Zebra, but really any toy that squeaks.

What makes Biscuit special?: Biscuit loves everyone and everything. She is very inquisitive about the weirdest things. She’s a big baby that can’t help but make your heart melt.

How will Biscuit represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: She will bring smiles to everyone she meets.


Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 1

Favourite Food: Salmon

Favourite Toy: Rope toy

What makes Rookie special?: He has a great personality. We are convinced he thinks he’s human. He loves all humans and animals.

How will Rookie represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Instagram – sharing posts about Poco.


Breed: Shiba Inu

Age: 8

Favourite Food: Noodles

Favourite Toy: Lamb Chop stuffy toy

What makes Thunder special?: He’s easy going and stubborn at the same time.

How will Thunder represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: He wants to visit all local vendors and parks.


Breed: Chonzer

Age: 3

Favourite Food: Eggs

Favourite Toy: Soccer ball

What makes Eli special?: He is such a great mix of energy and cuddles.

How will Eli represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Greet everyone so lovingly – hard to forget PoCo.


Breed: Shiba Inu

Age: 6

Favourite Food: Steak

Favourite Toy: Her 3 year old hu-brother Asher

What makes Eevee special?: Eevee is our office doggo. She works hard all day to make sure the members of our community can be stress free by offering up her luxurious fur coat for anyone to pet and relieve stress. She loves everyone, full heartedly and equally (she likes you even more when you give her treats). She is our greeter at The Fountainhead Network and is already well known and loved by the Port Coquitlam Community. She does not bark because she wants you to know that she’s friendly and thinks if she barks you might not want to pet her, although she loves all her talking fur friends unconditionally.

How will Eevee represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Eevee loves connecting people and the community!


Breed: Super Mutt!

Age: 2

Favourite Food: The fries I steal off of mom’s plate at Patina

Favourite Toy: Willow loves her ball! She is practicing to join a FlyBall team next year.

What makes Willow special?: At just one year old she was found pregnant, living under a house in Manitoba.  In the middle of winter!  She survived under challenging circumstances, gave birth to 8 wonderful puppies and found her way to her forever home in the great city of Port Coquitlam.  Despite having a rough start, Willow loves everyone she meets.  She loves when people stop her on the Poco Trail to giver her a pet.

How will Willow represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Willow would make a great ambassador because she spreads joy to everyone she meets.  The people of Poco are so welcoming and her demeanor is very representative of that.  Willow is no stranger to having a job as she is the head of public relations for her mom’s company.  She takes her work very seriously and will be sure not to let the citizens of Poco down!


Breed: Whippet

Age: 2

Favourite Food: Ozzi is on a raw food diet, but apples are a favourite treat!

Favourite Toy: Plush dog toys

What makes Ozzi special?: Ozzi is very good-natured and sweet.  Many people comment on how social he is as we’ve been told that whippets can be shy and timid.  He is smart and is an excellent communicator.  At his own doing, he will sit in certain places in our house to indicate he wants out, when he is hungry, and when he wants to play, to name a few.  Ozzi is also perceptive to the social cues of other dogs when they are playing.  Ozzi’s speed and agility are also special traits.  He is popular at the Maple Street Dog Park because he leads the other dogs in running the perimeter.

How will Ozzi represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Ozzi is a very friendly pet who represents the spirit and heart of our community.  He loves the outdoors; walking local trails and Gates Park.  He is a natural leader as seen at the dog park.  Ozzi is a cherished dog who will make our city proud.


Breed: Mixed

Age: 1.5

Favourite Food: Waffles with peanut butter & bananas

Favourite Toy: Stuffed dinosaur

What makes Ipa special?: We rescued Ipa (Ip-ah) right before Covid-19 hit and she has been the shining beacon during these hard times. She is named after our favorite style of beer, IPA. Like her name, her personality is bubbly and light, she always keeps us laughing and smiling. Ipa has helped us feel connected to our community by getting us out of the house and meeting our neighbors, visiting local dog parks and restaurants. Through her Instagram @ipabrewerydog, we have inspired others to visit Port Coquitlam’s amazing dog parks, breweries, and businesses.

How will Ipa represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Support and represent local businesses & services.


Breed: Havanese/Maltese

Age: 9

Favourite Food: The cat’s special diet which includes laxative and anti-hairball tablets.

Favourite Toy: Her “sheepskin” blanky (she likes to fight it)

What makes Deedee special?: Very loyal, sweet natured and looks like a baby seal when she lies down.

How will Deedee represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: She has PoCo Spirit! Loves biking the PoCo Trail.


Breed: Mixed

Age: 11

Favourite Food: Cheese

Favourite Toy: Whatever her doggie sister is playing with

What makes Lucy special?: Lucy loves everyone – she always makes sure everyone has an equal opportunity to pet her. She likes to make her rounds around town, stopping to visit the businesses that know her. Even Santa says she is a good girl.

How will Lucy represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Lucy has been a loving member of Poco for 8+ years.


Breed: Husky Mutt

Age: 3

Favourite Food: Salmon

Favourite Toy: Squeaky Ball

What makes Nala special?: Nala is a very unique looking dog and always gets compliments. She is an energetic pup who loves meeting new people. She is very special to our family as she was our good luck charm during our infertility battle.

How will Nala represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: She knows the city parks well!


Breed: Rescue

Age: 2.5

Favourite Food: MEAT!

Favourite Toy: Squeakers (literally the squeaky thing inside the toy)

What makes Cassie special?: She loves treats and people with treats. She also is a great jumper and loves to jump over the fences around Gates Park.

How will Cassie represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Exploring town & meeting friends.


Breed: Mixed breed, Rotti, Akita, Shephard

Age: 7

Favourite Food: Lamb, Rice & Vegetable Dog Food & Carrot sticks

Favourite Toy: Stuffed Santa Claus

What makes Jax special?: Jax is a loving and loyal dog. He’s a dog that everyone is drawn to by his adorableness but his size can be intimidating. He loves to be by your side and cannot get enough attention and scratching from whoever will give him some love!

How will Jax represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Public appearances, promoting & advocating for all.


Breed: Mini Australian Shepherd

Age: 4

Favourite Food: Carrots

Favourite Toy: The cat

What makes Rufus special?: Rufus is always happy – his tail never stops wagging!

How will Rufus represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Rufus will raise awareness for PoCo parks & trails.


Breed: Chihuahua/Mix

Age: 6

Favourite Food: Anything in my bowl

Favourite Toy: My chew rope

What makes Penny special?: Lovable…..

How will Penny represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: She will show off beautiful PoCo to everyone.