Pet Election 2022

The results are in!

Please join us in welcoming Benjamin, PoCo’s next Pet Ambassador!

Over the course of the month, our five candidates competed with each other in a light-hearted campaign to earn votes . As the pet with the most votes, Benjamin will have the opportunity to represent the pets of PoCo at various events. With a big personality and a penchant for belly rubs, we think he will make an excellent ambassador!

We would also like to award Odie the PoCo Spirit Award, in recognition of the enthusiasm and dedication to PoCo he demonstrated throughout the campaign. Congratulations Odie!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s election. We had many wonderful candidates! 

Key Dates

June 9th – Voting begins

June 23rd – Voting ends

June 28th – Winner announced

Keep Up to Date

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2022 Pet Ambassador


Breed: Basset Hound

Age: 13

Favourite Food: Mightywolf cookies

Favourite Toy: His mum

What makes Benjamin special?: He’s got so much personality and thinks he owns PoCo!

How will Benjamin represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: He will give his belly for a rub to anyone!

2022 PoCo Spirit Award


Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Age: 1.5

Favourite Food: Raw meat

Favourite Toy: Stuffed rabbit

What makes Odie special?: Odie is a rescue who has shown the amazing power of adaptability. His friendly spirit and the cuddles that he gives have transformed our family.

How will Odie represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: As an avid nature walker and tree enthusiast!

Pet Ambassador Candidates


Breed: Australian Shepherd

Age: 4.5

Favourite Food: Cheese

Favourite Toy: His rainbow beans

What makes Isaac special?: Isaac is the kindest dog you’ll ever meet, there is not a single mean bone in his body. He is nice to all animals (except squirrels when they are digging in the garden) and all humans. He’s great at capturing people’s hearts wherever he goes with a head tilt and a nub wiggle. He also tries his hardest at everything he does, even if it’s something he’s not the greatest at. He loves all the activities he does, and earns ribbons frequently at dog sport trials (his favourites are agility and nose work!).

How will Isaac represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: Isaac is a well behaved boy who is beloved locally.


Breed: Yorkie and Terrier, mixed breed

Age: 15

Favourite Food: Nacho corn chips and chicken

Favourite Toy: Her unicorn bed

What makes Lizzie special?: Her excitement about everyday things like walks, treats, and wearing clothes.

How will Lizzie represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: With her beautiful, happy personality.


Species: Cockatiel

Age: 1

Favourite Food: Granola balls

Favourite Toy: Spinning mirror

What makes Kiki special?: All the songs she sings.

How will Kiki represent Port Coquitlam well as Ambassador?: She will proudly represent Port Coquitlam.