We continue to Marpole Avenue across from Patina Brewing where we find two murals. One is on the back side of the pharmacy and PoCo Freshmart, the other is above the parking lot next to InsureLine. Afterwards, continue to the end of Marpole Avenue, cross Maple Street, and enter the PoCo Traboulay Trail.


Address 2331 Marpole Ave, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 2A1
Colour on Map Dark Blue
# of Art Pieces 2

The Map

The Art

Location: Marpole Ave., across from Patina Brewing

Title: #pocoboo

Artist: Liesl Peterson


Liesl Peterson managed to finish this 5000 square foot mural in just two days! Painted in 2019, Liesl was fueled by gifts of food and drink from community members happy to see such a beautiful mural going up. If you like this art and want to see more, follow Liesl’s instagram @painterliesl

Location: Marpole Ave across from Patina Brewing, by Insureline

Title: Days of Thunder

Artist: GrafX


This mural pays homage to the importance of both salmon and the railway to Port Coquitlam. The train depicted is the 2860 Royal Hudson built by Montreal Locomotive Works in June 1940. The Hudson series of Engines numbered 2800 to 1864. The first in the series was produced in 1929. #2860 has been restored and is currently on static display in the West Coast Railway Heritage Park in Squamish.