We end our walk along the Traboulay Trail at the benches and the beginning of the Rivers Mosaic Project in Lions Park. There are two other murals in and around the park as we continue east toward Shaughnessy.


50 Lions Way, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 3H1 (exit)
Colour on Map Light Red
# of Art Pieces  3

The Map

The Art

Location: Lions Park, after Continuum sign by benches and trail map

Title: Poco Rivers Mosaic Project 2000

Artist: Anne Marie Slater (Facilitating Artist). Lions Park Community Artists: Sharen Danneffel, Breann Voth, Maryin Lee, Joanne Weyerink, Ann McBride, Norma Gillespie


As you can read engraved next to them, these beautiful mosaics were installed in 2000 and represent “a community art project in which residents worked collaboratively with artists and environmentalists to explore the natural history and special memories of our rivers.”  

Location: Lions Park near the Railside Skatepark

Title:  Live Light Mural 

Artist: Aurelia Bizouard


Created in 2018 by visual artist Aurelia Bizouard, this mural was made by first painting a nature scene onto a glass panel. Then, by shining light through the glass, she projected the image onto the wall for participants to trace and fill out. 

Location: Fraser and Manning Avenue

Artist: Tammy Pilon and local volunteers 


This mural is dedicated to Lions club members Wes Henders and John Silvius to commemorate the role that the Lions Club played in the creation of Lions Park. Originally the area was used for logging, until the Lions Club gifted the land to the City in 1949.